How to Prepare for a Day of FootGolf

So you’ve just agreed to play FootGolf for the first time, but no one has told you what to bring or wear. Here are some suggestions for how to prepare for a day of FootGolf so you’re not disappointed when you arrive at the Pro Shop.

The Ball

FootGolf is played with a size 5 soccer ball. If you can’t find a ball around the house, you can purchase one at your local sporting goods or soccer store. Depending on where you go, you may find a wide variety of balls and prices. While higher-end professional match balls can cost as much as $150, I suggest starting with your basic training ball, which should run you between $20 – $30.

If your party includes kids under the age of 12, I would recommend bringing a size 4 ball if you have one. The smaller sized ball will give your little FootGolfer a better chance to keep up with the group when kicking off the tee and on long shots.

Beginner’s Note

Most FootGolf courses will have size 5 balls you can rent for a small fee if you aren’t ready to purchase a ball or don’t have room in your place for more sports equipment.

The ball should be hard enough to withstand a solid whack, without being soft enough to absorb all the power of the kick. The ball should also give a little when given a sharp squeeze from each side.

The Boots

FootGolf footwear is important as you are going to be out walking for next hour plus. Most, if not all, courses have a “no cleats, stubs, or what would call ‘firm ground’ boots” policy, as those types of shoes inadvertently leave divots and damage delicate greens and fairways.

The best boot for most FootGolf courses is turfs with multi-studded rubber nubs. These provide the necessary grip to plant for long drives and prevent slipping when on slick grass or other wet footing. You also want a boot that is comfortable, with solid arch support. Unlike during a soccer game, you will be standing quite a bit. You should be able to find several quality turf boots for under $100. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I recommend trying Niky’s Sports for a large selection of boots, fairly priced. You can also order online via their website.

Beginner’s Note

For FootGolf, most comfortable sneakers or sports shoes will suffice, if you don’t have or don’t want to purchase specialized soccer boots. Avoid footwear with square toes or hard eyelets, and favor those instead with good traction. (This is especially important if you know beforehand the surface will be wet or damp.)

The Kit

Dress appropriately for the weather and break out your favorite jersey for the occasion, as long as it’s collared. Comfortable shorts or pants with an elastic or drawstring waistband are recommended as this will maximize the free range of motion for your legs and hips.

The official dress code for FootGolf includes argyle socks, however I sometimes prefer an ankle-high sport sock with wick moisture fibers and padding. This will keep your feet dry in wet and hot conditions while providing extra padding to your kicking and planting hot spots.

Beginner’s Note

Check with the course ahead of time to confirm, as most public golf courses and all country clubs have official dress codes and requirements.

Is it your first time going out to a FootGolf course in Los Angeles, or somewhere else in the world? Post your questions that you have that you’d like to see answered in the comments section below!