FootGolf is soccer golf, the combination of soccer and golf played on a golf course with a standard #5 soccer ball as the official FootGolf ball size. If you’re searching for FootGolf Courses in California, whether it’s Orange County FootGolf Courses, Northern California FootGolf Courses, or Los Angeles FootGolf Courses, you’ve come to the right place! GoFootGolf.com is a dedicated FootGolf website to promoting this new sport and the golf courses where you can play the game. Learn the rules of the game, check out our blog with articles and news about FootGolf, and follow us on social media to stay connected and informed about this extremely addicting new sport.

FootGolf FAQ’s

We’ve got the answers to all your FootGolf questions!

What is FootGolf?

Just as it sounds, FootGolf is a combination of soccer and golf, but the rules and method of play mirror that of golf more than soccer.

Where did it originate?

While FootGolf was only introduced into North America in 2011, it has been played in Europe since 2008, though the first 9-hole FootGolf tournament on a golf course was played in the Netherlands in 2009.

What are the basic rules?

See our How to Play page for the full breakdown of rules, but FootGolf rules follow those of golf closely, where the object of the game is to hole the ball in the least number of kicks.

How big are the holes?

The holes are 21-inches in diameter.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for official FootGolf tournaments is specific. See our First-Timer’s Guide for a detailed breakdown, but for social FootGolf, abide by the rules of the FootGolf course facility and do not wear soccer cleats of any sort.

What type of ball is used?

A standard #5 soccer ball is the ball of choice.

How long does it take to play?

This depends on the course and the pace of play, but a standard 9 holes takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes and 18 holes may take anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. Shorter than an 18-hole round of golf!

How many people can play in a group?

Standard group size for golf applies. You can FootGolf as a single, twosome, or foursome. Larger groups can tee off one after another, depending on the tee sheet and the course rules.

How much does it cost?

Prices range, but at Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center, you can play 9 holes for $10, or 18 holes for $15.

When are the tee times?

Tee times depend on the specific course and golfing schedule, but at some courses, like Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center, tee times can be made during the entirety

that the course is open, on weekdays and weekends.

Where can I play?

There are more than 170 AFGL-accredited FootGolf courses in the U.S., located in 35 states, with more than 25 in California alone, including Monarch Bay Golf Club in San Leandro, CA, Vista Valencia Golf Course in Valencia, CA, and Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center in Orange County. And several new courses are on their way, including an 18-hole course at Arcadia Golf Course near Los Angeles and Saticoy Regional Golf Course near Santa Barbara, California.