FootGolf Equipment

The Ball

The ball used by a player shall be the same as the official football size 5. It is the responsibility of the player to play with the appropriate ball. Every player shall mark his/her ball so it is easily identified as that player’s ball. The ball may have dirt, mud, or light material on it. It may have light scratches, damaged painting or color change.

Inappropriate Balls for the Game

A ball is deemed inappropriate if:

  • It is obviously torn, open, or damaged in other ways
  • If it has strange form

Procedure for damaged ball, in game

If a player has reason to believe that during the game his/her ball has become damaged or unusable, he/she may raise the ball without penalty in order to decide whether it is still playable.

  • Before raising the ball, the player must report his/her intention to all opponents and mark the place of the ball.
  • After examination of the ball, the player must offer the ball (if requested) to other players for examination.
  • A raised ball shall not be cleaned.

If a ball is determined to be inappropriate for the game, the player may replace it with another ball, placing it to the same spot where the original ball (at marker) was raised. Otherwise, the original ball must be replaced.

Inappropriate Balls for the Game

If, as a result of a kick, the ball becomes punctured, the kick will be cancelled and the player must play another ball, without penalty, from the nearest point to where the original ball was played.