The Best FootGolf Orange County Course: Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center

Hopefully by now you’ve experienced the addictive and incredibly fun new soccer-hybrid sport, FootGolf. If you haven’t, you should immediately check out and book your FootGolf tee time today so you can experience for yourself what hundreds of other sports enthusiasts have discovered already: that FootGolf is easy to learn and fun to play! So what about all you Orange County FootGolfers and residents? If you’re anything like me, the sports you play are often determined by how far you’re willing to travel to play them. If you live in Irvine, you’re probably not going to travel to Santa Barbara just to play FootGolf round. So let’s keep it local. If you’re searching for FootGolf Orange County has to offer, a great OC FootGolf course is Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center.

Orange County FootGolf is popular for several reasons. Orange County weather, and weather in all of Southern California for that matter, is sunny year-round with conditions amenable for outdoor sporting activities, such as FootGolf. While Orange County can sometimes get a bit hot, unlike a soccer match, a FootGolf round requires no running, and even walking a 9-hole FootGolf course can take only around an hour. Of course, if you’re playing in an Orange County FootGolf tournament, that time might be more like 90 minutes, but that’s playing by the official Orange County FootGolf Association rules.

A normal 9-hole FootGolf round at Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center doesn’t need to be so official. FootGolf is a flexible sport that works great for both large tournaments and small groups of friends who just want to go out and have a good time. I’ve headed out to the FootGolf course with only one other person as my partner; but I’ve also played as one in a foursome following another foursome of FootGolf players. And both experiences were fun in their own way. One of the great aspects of Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center in Orange County is that their FootGolf course is the same as their golf course, just with different greens and holes. Thus, you get to play FootGolf on the 9-hole Executive par 29 course with its extremely walkable layout and creative hazard design. A word of warning: there are two on-course lakes to combat, so you want to be careful with your soccer ball, as an errant or wild drive could find you waiting lakeside for your ball to return to you.

What if you land in the bunker? Well, you get to kick from the bunker! That’s always a question I get asked for those golfers who have never played FootGolf before. Remember, FootGolf follows the rules of golf, just with kicks instead of swings. If you land in a bunker, you kick out from the bunker—but yes, you also have to rake your footprints and any imprint you make with the ball away when you’re finished. Another reason why Orange County FootGolf is the way to go? Because at Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center, you can book a FootGolf tee time throughout the day, during the same tee times as you can for the golf course. There are no time restrictions on when you can play FootGolf, and when you go out to the FootGolf course, you can sometimes see golfers playing ahead of you, or prepping to play after you. This blending of both sports is another reason why FootGolf in Orange County is great. There shouldn’t be a divide between golfers who look down on FootGolf or FootGolfers who dislike golf. In Orange County, FootGolf and golf remain closely tied together, and as a player, you can enjoy both sports (and soccer as well!) with equal passion.

If you’re looking to play FootGolf, Orange County has a great, affordable option in Lake Forest Golf & Practice Center. You can book a FootGolf tee time online at, and learn more about Lake Forest and its current offerings. If you haven’t gotten out to play FootGolf, fall is the perfect time to play!